Make everlasting impressions

We are Legacy, a sustainable events agency. We provide event management services, whilst considering their environmental impact, carbon footprint and potential for positive social change.

By carefully considering the impact of the venues that we choose, the materials that we use, the food that we serve and how we clean up after ourselves, we can create events that will engage and inspire your guests.

Partners for Positive Change

We want to work closely with you, providing tailored guidance and advice on running events that create positive change in the world and a legacy for generations to come.

We make things very simple

We connect you with all the tools needed to plan your own events independently and successfully, such as unlimited access to our unique marketplace of suppliers and products.

We make the right kind of impact

We help organisations become genuinely sustainable, by organising and running events for our clients that leave no impact on the planet and an everlasting impression on people around the world.

We increase your brand’s growth potential

We help you run events that realise your brand’s added value and help you streamline your event planning budgets to make you more competitive, leading your market.

We aim to cause a market shift towards sustainable events

We work with you to revolutionise the way your organisation creates, organises and runs events, making long term sustainability easy to achieve and financially rewarding.

We monitor and reward progress:

Whilst you learn how to plan better events, our accreditation scheme will give you targets to aim for and an elite standard for you to aspire to.

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Sustainable event management

Legacy - Make Everlasting Impressions. Our mission is to help plan and deliver sustainable events that create positive change in the world.