What we do

Legacy is an award winning, sustainable events agency and consultancy. We help companies run
events that are better for the environment and which contribute towards positive social change

Your events have the power to provoke original thinking, shape communities and transform people’s lives. Unfortunately, all too often, they are wasteful and have a negative impact on the environment, detracting from their potential to inspire and uplift.


At Legacy, we want the impact of your event to be…just positive. We work with clients to advise on and deliver engaging, delightful, inspiring, beautiful events that are also sustainable. We give you access to our marketplace of sustainable events products and resources, democratising event planning and creating the conditions for innovation.


Sustainable: Our guiding light is sustainability, it is a fundamental part of all the services that we offer.


Creative: We are full of ideas and what motivates us is that feeling when we have created an incredible experience that exceeds our client’s expectations and delights our attendees.


Practical: We have experience in successfully putting together events for a wide range of organisations, across the private, public and charitable sectors.


Professional: We bring a structured approach to managing your events, with regular, documented meetings and robust financial and robust project management.


Innovative: We’re a modern, forward-thinking and progressive bunch. We carry out our own research and collect and analyse critical data from all events so we can confidently offer ideas that push the boundaries, whilst offering value for money.

Who we work with

Our journey so far

Muon Events
November 2016


Muon Events is established as a sustainable events agency. We decide to base ourselves in Croydon, home to London’s fastest growing tech cluster, its busiest train station and Stormzy.

Team Caricature
January 2017

Learning to Walk

The team grows in size and takes on more clients and more high profile projects. We discover a penchant for vegan chocolate cake.

January 2018

Shooting for the Stars

Muon Events rebrands to become Legacy, with ambitions to become the leading sustainable events agency and events services company in the world.

September 2019

Legacy Moves

The Legacy office moves to Oxford, the City of Dreaming Spires

Conference Awards 2020
January 2020

The Legacy team wins its first award, Conference Awards 2020 - The Sustainability Award, and is highlighted as one of the M&IT magazine ‘agencies to watch out for’ in 2020.

Legacy Marketplace
January 2021

The Time is Now

Legacy launch their sustainable marketplace. A modern way to deliver sustainability without compromising quality or ease.

June 2021

Sustainability has and will continue to be at the heart of everything we do here at Legacy, therefore we are so proud to be a B-corp certified business.

Legacy Marketplace Beta
January 2022

Legacy Marketplace Beta launches! A place where you can find sustainable suppliers for events and corporate gifting.

World map
January 2022

Legacy Global Agency

Started delivering events internationally as a genuine global agency