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21 January 2020 by News

Launching our Sustainable Events job board

January and February are commonly thought to be the best months of the year to look for a job. So we are officially launching the first (that we know of!) Sustainable Events Jobs Board. Check it out here. The link to the board is Recruiters, it’s free to post. Job seekers, it’s free to […]

25 October 2019 by Transport

We need to talk about flight-shame

It is an uncomfortable truth for event organisers, particularly those like us that consider themselves sustainable event organisers, that as part of the business of bringing people together, we are contributing massively to climate change. Carbon emissions from attendees travelling to events can make up 70% of the overall emissions, which puts noble efforts to […]

11 October 2019 by Poem

We Move

Sometimes the language around sustainability can seem a little technical, which is a missed opportunity as words are such a powerful instrument for change. In these days of uncertainty and impending climate crisis, if ever we needed transformation, it is now. So please enjoy these words written especially for us by award winning poet, Fopé […]

Sustainable event management

Legacy - Sustainable Event Management. We help companies run virtual and in-person events that are sustainable.