There are some of the sustainable training services we offer as part of our sustainable consultancy
Stakeholder Engagement

We can organise workshops, focus groups, conferences and seminars to gather opinions from your clients and wider community.

Research & Consultancy

We can carry out quantitative and qualitative research to help you succeed in the fast paced, constantly changing events sector.


We can help you design a strategy and support your team with training and advice to meet the ISO 2012-1 and other standards.

Below you will find our sustainable training services we have available
ISO 2012-1
This guide will cover:

What is a sustainable event?

Why does it matter?

Quick wins for your next event.

Overview of ISO 20121.

Roadmap for implementation of ISO 20121.

Sustainable Events Workshop

Our training modules can be delivered as a condensed one day workshop, or more detailed workshops over a series of days. At the end of the workshop series we will provide you with the tools necessary to achieve ISO 20121 accreditation.

We will cover:

Scoping – preparing your business for sustainable events.

Mapping your attendee journey & understanding opportunities for sustainability.

Creating a sustainability strategy and action plan.

Sustainability communications and stakeholder engagement.

Evaluating the sustainability of your event.

Continuous improvement.

Sustainable Event MOT
What this includes:

We can audit a live event for you to assess your current sustainability performance.

Legacy has developed an event specific, audit methodology which reviews your environmental and social impact covering our 9 sustainability themes.

The audit will also cover key stakeholders and responsible procurement of products and services.