Event Operations Manager (Recycling)

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Event Operations Manager (Recycling)

Full time, Permanent
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Green Event Ninjas

Event Operations Manager (Recycling)

  • Do you enjoy coordinating and managing events but feel your stomach sink when you see all the waste?
  • Would you like to be doing tangible good through your work on a daily basis?
  • Could you see yourself working in a green startup and becoming core to its success?

Green Event Ninjas is currently hiring for an experienced and enthusiastic Event Operations Ninja (Manager). We’re looking for someone to jump in to assist and, in short order, begin to lead the operations for the Recycling Ninjas team (i.e. our rapidly growing Event Cleaning & Waste Management service and related areas of work).

About Us: 

At Green Event Ninjas, our driving principle is, “Sustainable events made easy”. To this end, we provide services that help event planners, venues and others in the events industry “green” their operations. One of the biggest ways that we do this is by providing our Event Cleaning & Waste Management services, with a special focus on waste diversion.

We’re challenging the status quo by introducing an innovative approach to separating and sorting the recycling and organics waste at events – a combination of front-of-house initiatives (e.g. appropriate recycling/organics bins, waste take-back stations, collection strategies) and back-of- house initiatives (e.g. waste sorting, dumpster selection, automation, etc.) that are especially ninja-like.

Position Responsibilities: 

Planning, Hiring & Account Management 

For each of our event cleaning and waste management projects, a considerable amount of time is required up-front for planning, hiring and account management.

On the planning front, Green Event Ninjas has developed a number of systems and procedures for completing this work in a truly ninja-like way. This is our brand as it extends beyond our cute little ninja character, so it’s important that these processes are implemented accurately and consistently. At the same time, we’re quickly growing startup so some of those procedures are no more than a working title for a SOP document. Therefore, it would be your responsibility to begin developing and formalizing those SOPs, while refining and elevating the existing ones further still.

Hiring underpins the success of all our planning so it is of the utmost importance. For each project that we service, we make a point of hiring from the event’s local community – be that Toronto, New York, Chicago, Miami or small-town Nova Scotia. This work includes posting online job ads, completing phone interviews, scheduling, and putting together a team with the appropriate character and grit to help us deliver once we’re on-site.

As you become more confident in the work, you be given more responsibility managing the communications and relationship with the clients. This will include preparing and revising estimates, sharing progress updates, coordinating details, fielding questions from the clients, etc.

On-Site Operations 

While your work will consist of a lot of desk work during the pre-event and post-event periods for each project, we will also be expecting you to begin leading the on-site operations too. This can be dirty work – plain and simple – so we require someone that shares a passion for making a positive impact on the environment, is highly motivated in a “take care of business” manner, and has a positive attitude and management style. Drill sergeants need not apply!

  • If you have experience on the environmental side of things doing shoreline clean-ups or completing waste audits, you’ll have a good idea of the “dirty” side of this work. We differentiate ourselves by literally hand-sorting the waste, so there’s no avoiding this.
  • If you’ve been responsible for managing medium to large-sized teams in a high-pressure festival or conference setting, then you’ll have a good idea of the “take care of business” attitude. We expect to be independent and adaptable.

Please note that this position will involve significant travel too. We have already done events in Chicago, Houston, New York, Miami Nova Scotia and all across Ontario. We’re always looking outward and pride ourselves in being able to provide our services across North America in an economical yet non-compromising manner.

Reporting & Administration 

In addition to post event reports that will need to be prepared for each client, there are a number of administrative tasks required to wrap-up each project too; including expense reporting, payroll reports, paying suppliers, invoicing, etc. As with “Planning & Hiring” above, you’ll be expecting to implement Green Event Ninjas’ current systems and procedures on these fronts, while beginning to develop new and better SOPs over time.


  • 5+ years of events coordination and management experience
  • Experience coordinating staff for large events
  • Project management and planning experience
  • Ability to interface directly with clients
  • Technical experience and proficiency with a variety of software and applications, including G-suite
  • Passion for sustainability
  • High comfort level with regards to waste management

The Specifics: 

Term: Full-time, permanent Start Date: Immediate

Location: Workspaces in Toronto and Barrie, plus e-commute

Places of Work: 

  • In-Office: Our primary office is in Barrie, Ontario, and we visit a co-working space in Toronto too. We’re also supportive of a balanced approach to “e-commuting” as a means to be efficient with our time and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • On-Site: As mentioned above, we strive to provide our services to events across North America and you would be expected to travel extensively to manage on-site operations.

Furthermore, the nature of providing services to the events industry means that the term “weekend” takes on an entirely new meaning. During the busiest times of the year (e.g. May-October), consecutive days off that align with the actual weekend can be hard to come by. Vacation time will need to be very carefully managed.


  • Commensurate with experience; Base Salary + Commission (based on project operational margins/gross profits)
  • Unlimited Vacation (contingent on time of year, workload, etc.)

We’re flexible on this front but also need to be sure that we’re managing it appropriately. The expectation is that no projects are adversely affected and that sufficient advance notice, planning and preparation is provided.

Join our team and help us make every event sustainable!

Job Features

Job CategoryCoordination, Outdoor, Training
Instructions for how to applyMore information at https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/1656878039/?refId=a63d1881-4fc7-4738-9963-f2b209844e12&trk=d_flagship3_search_srp_top

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