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Smart and Sustainable Cities Workshops

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Europe’s Clean Growth Leader- Smart Sustainable Cities


The Europe Prosperity Fund is a UK cross-governmental fund designed to promote trade and investment, stimulate shared learning and innovation and to demonstrate the UK’s global leadership in areas such as AI and clean growth. The Programme 2020-21 includes a pillar on Climate Change and Clean Growth. In November 2021, the UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference, where cities, regions and countries will play a decisive role in reaching net zero emissions. This specific project aims to raise climate ambition and promote effective implementation of city-level decarbonisation projects in the areas of mobility, circular economy, resilience and nature-based solutions by fostering best practice sharing between cities in the UK and the rest of Europe as well as exchange between academia and the public and private sectors. In previous years, city participants have included Reykjavik, Rennes and Cambridge (Transport) and Turin, Lisbon and Paris (Circular Economy).


1. In November 2021, the UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. Engaging sub-national actors on the COP agenda will be critical to achieving higher-level ambitions within the UK’s five thematic campaigns: Adaptation and Resilience; Transport; Energy; Finance; and Nature Based Solutions. Cities are increasingly important actors on the global climate stage, data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shows that they are responsible for 71-76% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in addition to 65% of energy demand. Cities in the UK and Europe are also demonstrating increasing political influence and willingness to push ambitious climate policies and local pathways to decarbonise across sectors and strengthen resilience. While these initiatives focus on transforming local systems, sub-national actors often lack the financial resource to sustain international engagement that can help implement their vision.

2. COVID-19 has created a unique moment to consider the economic opportunities of a green and resilient recovery. The UK is considered a world leader in low carbon industry and the UK’s Industrial Strategy has set out the Government’s ambition to maximise the advantages for UK industry from the global shift to clean growth, under the Clean Growth Grand Challenge. Cities in the UK and Europe have also recently adopted ambitious emissions reductions targets. Supportive policy and regulatory environments as well as investment from the private sector will be required to realise our existing shared ambition. Sharing best-practice on the most cost-efficient emissions reductions path will also enable countries and cities to increase their ambition further, collectively taking Europe closer to the net-zero objective highlighted in the October 2018 International Panel on Climate Change report.

3. Building on the success of previous years of Smart Sustainable Cities in establishing effective collaborations across European cities and with the aim to promote UK leadership in the runup to COP26 taking place in Glasgow (November 2021), for this edition, the Smart and Sustainable Cities will focus on three key themes: Transport, Resilience and Circular economy. Glasgow is the host city for the Circular Economy theme and Manchester for Resilience. We are currently in the process of finalising details with the host city for the Transport theme. Our vision is that the service provider is able to combine and provide evidence of both cutting edge technical expertise in one (1), two (2) or all three (3) theme(s) as well as their ability to deliver outstanding and interactive virtual workshops. After the award, the service provider is expected to work closely  with the FCO and the host cities to co-design the process. The workshops should enable the participant cities to share and learn best practices.


1. The FCO is seeking to host one virtual workshop per core theme (please refer to section 2 below for details of the themes). The contractor can apply to develop, facilitate and deliver one (1), two (2) or all three (3) virtual thematic workshops. Each virtual workshop should
involve a maximum of four sessions and should include the following:

a. Keynote speakers for core themes, such as policy makers, implementers, businesses and academia, among others.
b. Dynamic and interactive virtual sessions to enable UK and European cities to share best-practice with the aim of identifying challenges and opportunities.
c. Tailored networking and creative community-building elements.
d. A social media engagement plan with the relevant videos and case studies uploaded to the Smart Sustainable Cities’ website.

The concept for the mission and the corresponding budget should account for around 30 participants.

2. The workshop programmes will be developed in coordination with the FCO and relevant UK Government Departments from an initial proposal from the contractor. The contractor is invited to apply to deliver one (1), two (2) or all three (3) virtual workshops. The proposed
core themes are (please note, one workshop per theme):

a. Transport
b. Resilience
c. Circular Economy

The programme should focus on issues of relevance to local government competency (e.g. if the chosen subject is Circular Economy it should focus on waste management, regulation, energy, local industry, public awareness) but can also touch on broader themes where relevant (e.g. design, standards etc.). It is encouraged that the contractor refers to the Smart Sustainable Cities’ website and thinks about creative ways of building on past workshops.

Attachment 3 – Statement of Requirements

3. Beyond the content of the mission itself, the contractor will develop a communications strategy and communications material to accompany the mission before and throughout, including but not limited to:

a) Professionally designed invitations and programme documents for participants.
b) Pre-workshop survey and a warm up webinar with confirmed participants from cities.
c) A social media engagement plan ensuring that any relevant videos and case studies are uploaded to the Smart Sustainable Cities’ website.
d) Post-workshop survey.
4. The contractor will write a final report on the key outcomes of the mission to be submitted no later than four weeks after the completion of the mission. This will include potential areas for future collaboration between participants and incorporate data from the post workshop surveys and social media to demonstrate the impact of the project.
5. The contractor will be responsible for all logistics, coordination and delivery of the workshop(s) including the necessary IT. Where relevant this also includes travel costs (e.g. for preparing content or delivering the mission). The contractor will also be expected to cover stationary costs, including printing of programmes etc. where relevant. The applicant should specify any costs related to logistics and other materials as part of the bid.

6. COVID-19 Contingency

Considering the fast-changing developments around the COVID-19 pandemic, the contractor will need to be able to accommodate a degree of uncertainty regarding the format and timing of the workshop(s). The contractor should prepare for the workshop(s) to be delivered in a fully virtual but no less impactful format. However, conditions permitting, an in-person, physical event may become a realistic option that offers better value for money. The project needs to conclude no later than 31 March 2021.

For the purposes of this bid, the contractor should include costings for both fully virtual and in-person events. For the latter, the contractor should assume each workshop will last a maximum of 2 days. We invite the contractor to submit the following:
a. The set fee for organising the logistics for the event, including economy class travel of participants to the host city and travel between programmed activities.
b. The set fee for the physical event, accounting for catering costs (networking, networking coffee-break, lunch on both days and reception) for a maximum of 30 participants (20 from different cities, in addition to others from the host city, FCO and other government departments who will attend).
c. Costs of on-site visits to projects (in coordination with host city). The host cities are expected to be Glasgow for the Circular Economy theme, Manchester for the Sustainability theme and we are finalising agreements for the city to host the Transport theme. In this case it is expected that the contractor specifies extra costs of organising onsite projects in coordination with the host city.

Attachment 3 – Statement of Requirements

4. For these proposals the contractor should assume:
1. A maximum amount of £6000 for flights/train travel for participants, beyond which the contractor will not be responsible for covering the travel costs of participants.
2. Two (2) nights’ accommodation at the host city for five (5) representatives from UK cities and fifteen (15) representatives from European cities. The remainder of the 30 person cohort will be made up of representatives from the FCO and other
government departments. No airport transfers can be included.

7. The project is estimated to last 6 months from the award of the contract. The following is a provisional timescale of activity
i. Award Contact (End September 2020)
ii. Agree initial outline of programme (Early October 2020)
iii. Send invitations to prospective participants (Early November 2020)
iv. Pre-workshop webinar (End November 2020)
v. Workshop(s) (Mid-November 2020 – February 2021)
vi. Completion report (March 2020)

Ref. no. CPG/4639/2020

For more details, visit the FCO tenders website:

Job Features

Job CategoryMICE, Virtual
SalaryPlease note this project may not exceed a total of £90,000 (including VAT). The maximum allocation is £30,000 per theme.
Instructions for how to applyRegister at FCO tenders website
Closing date for applications28th August 2020

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