Vice President- Live Events and Activations

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Vice President- Live Events and Activations

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In order to ensure a meaningful, engaging and fun experience for visitors at Expo 2020, the Programming Team is tasked with developing, aligning, scheduling, producing and delivering programming content across 16 different venues for the 6 months of Expo 2020. In doing so, it integrates and aligns programming content from a diversity of internal and external stakeholders across the multiple venues; and also commissions Expo-led programming concepts through an in-house creative team with support from various agencies.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The main responsibilities for this role include:

– Oversee the integration with the larger programming team to develop exceptional events, programming and experience journey for the UAE/International visitors at Expo 2020 that generate visitor engagement and repeat visitation;

– Clarify and refine programming strategy and parameters to ensure consistency and continuity in communications with providers and internal stakeholders;

Oversee an overall strategy of daily, weekly, monthly and one-off experiences and events to be hosted during the Expo period taking into account the programming calendar, visitor numbers and profiles and available venues/public spaces as well as working with commercial partners and international participants to curate content.

– Ensure the effective integration and alignment between multiple internal and external stakeholders in relation to programming and content;

– Oversee a robust external stakeholder network including public/private sector entities, relevant experts and influencers in the area;

– Ensure compliance with the overall governance policies and processes of Expo 2020;

– Lead the process of Live Events and Activations linking seamlessly with other functional areas of Programming including Strategy and Business Integration (SBI) and Production and Delivery (PRD);

– Oversee the process of continuous evaluation and assessment during event time to fill potential audience programming gaps, evolve and improve the selection and delivery of content and maximise the experience of the visitor.


15+ years of experience working in a similar position as well as;

– A Bachelor’s Degree within a relevant field;

– Significant experience (15 years or more) in managing and delivering large, complex programming and content led events with multi-stakeholder engagement and integration;

– Extensive management background with a proven record of accomplishment in managing personnel, policies and planning frameworks;

– Experience in delivering events, programming and content at an international scale;

– Ability to understand the bigger picture and integrate the deliverables of his/her team with the overall organizational goals and governance structures;

– Ability to develop positive relationships among internal and external stakeholders, peers and senior management.

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Ref: JB4069331

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