About This Project

  • Client Brief

Legacy was tasked with organising a half-day afternoon event in Central London to showcase GE’s commitment to advancing the UK’s energy agenda.


  1. Purpose of the Events

The objective was to launch the GE Vernova brand positioning GE as a leading provider of energy transition technologies, attract key policymakers, and build a diverse network of advocates spanning the political spectrum.


  • How we delivered the event

The event featured a mix of formats, including keynotes, fireside chats, panels, breakout sessions, and a networking drinks reception. A distinctive venue and on-site customer interviews, contributed to the overall success. The use of sustainable coasters as souvenirs and sustainable brand presence added a memorable touch.


  • Outcomes & Lessons Learned

The event successfully achieved its vision, with the right tone and high-calibre participants. Meticulous planning and customer engagement were key strengths, as was cross-functional cooperation. Exclusivity, swag, and unique venue elements left a lasting impression. Areas for improvement include consistent moderation across panels and exploring the potential of customer dinners as extensions of the formal agenda.


  • Sustainability Achievements

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brand activation, Exhibition, expo, product launch