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Green Growth Platform



Muon Events (now Legacy) was the events provider for the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform, a thriving network of over 1,000 green focused businesses across Sussex and the South East. Members can access a menu of business support, innovation and R&D support, access to funding, events, collaboration and skills development. The Green Growth Platform is funded by LoCASE, an EU funded project set up to help businesses tackle and adapt to climate change, and by HEFCE, the Higher Education Funding Council for England.


The contract commenced in February 2017 and our brief was to design and organise a series of events that enable members to network, make business connections and learn about specific business and environmental/low carbon topics via networking and themed events and case study visits.


Our contract was extended by 6 months until December 2019, based on positive feedback from our client and attendees. Since then, the Green Growth Platform has evolved into a national business network of over 1,600+ businesses called Clean Growth UK. Legacy has been awarded the contract again to design and organise the events for Clean Growth UK.