About This Project

Client Brief

Legacy suggested a unique networking event for Sussex-based businesses, visiting the groundbreaking Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, with the goal of creating a memorable experience for 35 guests in a zero carbon setting while fostering connections amongst each other.


Purpose of the Events

The event aimed to provide a firsthand experience of the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, the first of its kind off the south coast of England. Attendees gained insights into the renewable energy facility, witness the turbines up close, and understand the impact of clean and green electricity generation. The unique setting of the wind farm served as a symbol of a sustainable future, aligning with the client’s mission.


How we delivered the events

The immersive event provided a firsthand look at the monumental Rampion Offshore Wind Farm. It commenced with an insider presentation from the Project Engineer, revealing the immense complexities overcome in constructing the renewable energy site just off the glistening Sussex coast.


Attendees then embarked on an exhilarating boat trip in three fishermen’s boats, getting up close to the towering turbines that harness enough wind-powered electricity for nearly 350,000 homes annually. In addition to designing the event, Legacy secured the necessary licences and insurances for the trip, developed a suitable risk register and carried out health and safety briefings.


The excursion concluded with a locally sourced seasonal meal along Brighton’s captivating shoreline.


Outcomes & Lessons Learned

The event received positive feedback from the 35 Sussex-based businesses in attendance. The visit to the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm left a lasting impression, motivating attendees to engage with the Green Growth Platform and reinforcing the purpose of being part of the sustainability network.


Regrettably, one of the guests experienced seasickness during the voyage; nevertheless, Legacy had anticipated such situations and had appropriate wristbands and medication on hand.


Sustainability Achievements

  • Energy and Carbon: Visit to A renewable energy facility, emphasising the scale and impact of the wind farm.
  • Food and Drink: Inclusion of local and seasonal food in the buffet lunch, supporting sustainable sourcing.
  • Transport: Accessibility to the venue via public transport, minimising environmental impact.
  • Materials: Lunch venue commitment to recycling most waste streams, aligning with sustainability goals.
Business, Incentive, Membership Organisation, Networking