Sustainable Events Training

Sustainable events training

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We support events and marketing professionals to run more sustainable events, providing practical guidance through training, workshops, audits and bespoke advice. Our standard training course consists of 6 modules, each designed to cover a stage in the process of designing and delivering events with reduced environmental impact and that contribute to positive social change. Ideally, these are delivered as a series of  half day workshops, however, each module can be standalone and the course can be condensed to 1 day if necessary.


The goal is to convey sustainability best practice for the events team and supporting departments to deliver well considered, sustainable events and merchandise. We also aim to build knowledge around ISO 20121 certification and the UN SDGs, as well as other frameworks that will drive sustainable innovation and implementation.


Note that we aim to be flexible. Ultimately, your sustainability strategy and operational plan should be aligned with your specific organisational objectives and our approach and training content can be fine-tuned to achieve this.


As you position your brand to be more conscientious, it’s essential that your events follow suit. 


Completing the course will result in a bigger picture perspective on the importance of sustainability in improving trust and engagement between event teams, investors, clients, customers and other stakeholders.

Sustainable Events MOT

Legacy has developed an event specific, audit methodology which reviews your environmental and social impact covering our 9 key thematic areas. Our Auditing service measures your total carbon impact, provides a detailed assessment of emissions, and facilitates carbon offset and formal certification.

Measuring the impact of your event

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Coming soon.

Get your free guide to understand how to measure the environmental and social impact of your event.


Training - Basics Sustainability

1. Basics of

We will take you through a review of the fundamentals of sustainability and how to apply this to events.

2. Attendee Journey

We will map the attendee experience to identify practical opportunities for achieving your sustainability objectives.

3. Sustainable Event Action Planning

We will help you create an operational plan for action, based on realistic and practical solutions using our sustainable event experience.

4. Sustainable Event Communications

We will look at messaging throughout the event design life cycle to capture opportunities to influence attendees and other stakeholders.

Training - Evaluation

5. Sustainable Event Evaluation

We will  cover a range of qualitative and quantitative methods that can be used to assess impact and success from attendees, the supply chain and other stakeholders.

Training - Continuous Improvement

6. Continuous

We will cover existing standards and demonstrate how to close the loop so that feedback is incorporated into the strategy to optimise ongoing sustainability performance.