We are Legacy, a sustainable
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What we do

We help companies run events that are better for the environment and fulfil their potential for positive social change.

Events have the power to provoke original thinking, shape communities and transform people’s lives.

Like all human activities, for an event to succeed it requires natural resources. This can put a strain on our infrastructure and on the planet, which has an impact on us all.

At Legacy, we are striving to help organisations realise their sustainable events potential. We are a platform that creates the right conditions for creativity and change in the events sector worldwide. We are transforming the old ways of thinking about sustainable event planning, by driving down costs, streamlining working practices and working closely with our network of suppliers to negotiate better deals.

At Legacy, we organise events as a showcase for inspiration and best practice for organisations. We work with clients to deliver beautiful events that engage and delight their guests. We advise planners and other event professionals on how to create events that are enjoyable in new and imaginative ways. We give access to our network of sustainable products and resources, democratising event planning and creating the conditions for innovation and positive change. We give credit to those individuals and organisations making big efforts to run genuinely sustainable events, creating a legacy for generations to come.

Legacy represents the next generation of events and experiences, a collective of inspired organisations and empowered communities.

Our journey so far

This is how it all began.



Muon Events is established as a sustainable events agency. We decide to base ourselves in Croydon, home to London’s fastest growing tech cluster, the city’s busiest train station and Stormzy.


Learning to walk

The team grows in size and takes on more clients and more high profile projects. We become a limited company. We discover a penchant for vegan chocolate cake.


Shooting for the stars

Muon Events rebrands to become Legacy, with ambitions to become the leading sustainable events agency and events accreditation company in the world.

our sales have been increased 85% compared to the previous year.

Meet the team

Meet our skilled team.

Managing Director

Abena is the Managing Director and founder of Legacy, a sustainable events agency.


Shelby is our team puppy and specialises in networking and guest liaison.


Libby assists the Legacy team with logistics and on-the-day event management.


Dipen assists the Legacy team with marketing, graphic design and communications.

Operations Director

Carole is responsible for delivering events to our clients that achieve the highest standards of sustainability, whilst also meeting the agreed specification and budget

Sustainable event management

Legacy - Make Everlasting Impressions. Our mission is to help plan and deliver sustainable events that create positive change in the world.