Our Mission

To help organisations plan and deliver sustainable events that create positive change in the world.

Showcasing and Inspiring

Designing, organising and running sustainable events for our clients, which serve as inspiration for other event planners.

Connecting and Empowering

A community marketplace for sustainable products and services, connecting sustainable event suppliers with the mainstream market.

Measuring and Rewarding

Building best practice advice and accreditation to measure, guide and reward organisations for planning and running their own sustainable events.

Our Method

We use nine themes to shape our event management processes and assess our impact.

Energy and Carbon

Deliver low carbon events that showcase how we are adapting to a world increasingly affected by climate change.


Support the waste hierarchy when using and disposing of materials and champion the use of innovative new materials that have lower environmental impact.

Food and Drink

Encourage suppliers to provide nourishing, healthy, high welfare food with 100% traceability.


Consider the wellbeing of our attendees, our suppliers and the local community.


Encourage our partners and suppliers to adopt water conservation measures, so that water is respected as a precious resource.


Prioritise walking, cycling and the use of public transport or low carbon alternatives to our events.


Create inclusive events by promoting access and celebrating diversity.


Respond to feedback and innovate to demonstrate that sustainable events can elevate the spirits and be memorable and thought provoking.


Protect existing natural areas to provide habitat and promote biodiversity.

Sustainable event management

Legacy - Make Everlasting Impressions. Our mission is to help plan and deliver sustainable events that create positive change in the world.