About This Project

Client Brief

To plan and deliver a 1 week online internal Hackathon for 2,000 participants. Given the pandemic restrictions, Legacy was tasked with researching and implementing an immersive online experience that allowed participants to build and present their pitches. The platform of choice in 2021, Hopin, posed limitations, prompting a quest for a more user-friendly and interactive alternative. 


Purpose of the Event

Hack Week 2022 brings together Spotify’s diverse talent virtually to create and present innovative product ideas. 


How we delivered the events

Our challenge was to seamlessly track project progress across event management, communications, and project management. Asana was initially chosen for its project management capabilities, but communication hurdles emerged, leading to a refined approach involving weekly Slack updates and ad-hoc queries. We navigated complex team dynamics and ensured effective communication with Spotify’s project lead.


For the event’s design, we meticulously explored various metaverse platforms, ultimately selecting SoWork for its engaging, fun, and usable interface. Aligning with Spotify’s core values, the theme, “Making the Planet Cooler,” was manifested in a virtual space mirroring Spotify’s real offices, fostering a sense of identity and culture.


An orientation session preceded Hack Week, offering guidance on navigating the platform and encouraging early registration. The main event seamlessly blended pre-recorded and live content, with contributions from the in-house production team and Legacy’s producers.


Outcomes & Lessons Learned

Platform Choice: SoWork’s immersive virtual office proved ideal, reflecting Spotify’s real office space and enhancing the user experience.

Communication Strategy: Adaptability was key in establishing effective communication, with a refined approach using Slack updates and ad-hoc queries to accommodate diverse preferences.

Tracking Progress: Aligning on a tracking tool that everyone used proved challenging; a majority vote and understanding the client’s preferences facilitated smoother collaboration.

Transparent Deadlines: Transparent communication about internal blockers and early flagging of issues ensured timely resolutions and minimised disruptions.

Project Leadership Backup: Designating a “second in command” with project visibility mitigated challenges during the unplanned absence of the project manager.

Feedback Enhancement: Legacy’s innovative idea to offer sustainable swag as a feedback incentive resulted in the highest ever response rate for Hack Week, showcasing the importance of creative engagement.


Hack Week 2022 emerged as a resounding success, with over 2000 participants and overwhelmingly positive feedback. Navigating complexities, embracing adaptability, and incorporating sustainability principles contributed to a memorable and impactful virtual experience. Looking forward, 90.6% expressed interest in attending Hack Week 2023, reaffirming the event’s success and continued relevance.


Sustainability Achievements

While not explicitly outlined in the initial brief, low carbon design was inherent in the event’s virtual format, reducing the need for physical resources and travel.

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