About This Project

Client Brief

To plan and deliver a 3 day virtual, internal conference in May 2022. 


Initially intended as a virtual conference due to risks presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, relaxation of government restrictions saw the reintroduction of in-person elements in New York, Stockholm, and London.


Purpose of the Event

To bring together Spotify’s Insights community to share knowledge, to learn, to network, to remember their purpose, to inspire innovative work and to socialise.  


How we delivered the events

A working group within Spotify’s Insights community, guided by Legacy, played a crucial role in informing key decisions related to event design and content. Despite challenges in the working group meetings, Legacy leveraged past experience and recommended strategies for a virtual conference, emphasising breaks, shorter sessions, and varied content formats to combat digital event fatigue. The resulting program, featuring talks, panels, and training sessions, was well-received. Additional activities, such as an escape room-style game, contributed to the overall positive experience.


Legacy facilitated Spotify’s preference for internal content by managing a call for speakers and coordinating with the working group to shortlist topics. The choice of the Hopin platform, supported by Sli.do for Q&A, proved effective based on positive feedback from previous events.


Outcomes & Lessons Learned

While the working group presented challenges, it was valuable for agenda structure, content topics, and speaker selection. Recommendations include utilising the group efficiently and only when tangible items are ready for review.


Communication challenges arose due to Spotify’s specific processes and language, leading to increased involvement in proofing and rewriting communications. Our recommendation suggests involving an experienced copywriter to streamline content creation, allowing Event Managers to focus on logistics.


Late clarification on decisions requiring leadership approval and difficulty in connecting with key decision-makers posed challenges. Recommendations include early establishment of key decision points, clear communication channels with leadership, and identification of alternative contacts for decision-making.


The expanding number of speakers in the late stages added logistical challenges. The recommendation suggests dividing speaker logistics among the team or handing over responsibilities once sessions are finalised.


In conclusion, despite the challenges faced, Legacy successfully delivered impactful events that met client objectives and received positive feedback from the Spotify community.


Despite the challenges, a conference and 3 successful social events were delivered and feedback from attendees on all three was very positive. Colleagues loved the opportunity to see each other in person and new starters were able to connect with their team members for the first time.  


Sustainability Achievements

The conference was held virtually to reduce emissions in line with the client’s Net Zero Strategy, with the opportunity for attendees to watch and participate from the New York, Stockholm or London regional offices (whichever the nearest).

Conference, Corporate, Internal, Networking, Private Sector, Tech, Virtual