About This Project

Client Brief

Provide event management support for a 3 day offsite in Barcelona for up to 700 delegates from the 6th – 9th December 2022.


Purpose of the Events

The event served as an offsite conference, strategically designed to facilitate a sense of belonging and discussions on long-term organisational strategy.


How we delivered the events

Legacy’s tasks encompassed:

  • Venue, Accommodation, and Supplier Sourcing and Coordination
  • Sustainability Assessment of Venues and Suppliers
  • Logistics Planning and Event Program Design
  • Cost Management, Including Currency Reconciliation
  • Regular Progress Updates with Key Stakeholders
  • Photography, Videography, and Wrap Video Production
  • Conference Production and Livestreaming
  • Provision of Sustainable Event Swag
  • High-Profile Speaker Management
  • Evening Entertainment and Local Excursions


Outcomes & Lessons Learned

The event successfully achieved its purpose of fostering a sense of closeness among attendees, breaking down silos within teams, and providing a clear understanding of the Global Finance team strategy. The comprehensive planning and execution led to positive outcomes, with lessons learned revolving around consistent moderation, strategic commercial messaging, and maximising the use of dinners as an extension of the formal agenda.


Sustainability Achievements

Coming soon

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